The microwave Specialists

Are you paying for repairs that should be free?

Register your microwave ovens with us and let us keep track of your warranty. Manny commercial microwave ovens are warranted for parts and labor for a full 3 years. You’ll never pay for a repair that should be warrantied when you do your service

The US doesn’t have very many commercial microwave oven repair specialist. There was one in North Carolina that was still in business a few years ago. They had the largest inventory of commercial microwave oven parts in the state.

Its tough to find any other company that can provide appliance repairs services like we do. There are factory trained and authorized parts for warranty repair, you just have to know who to go to.

We repair all brands of commercial microwave ovens






If you have any microwave repairs need or any other appliance repair needs, please fill out the contact form below and let us know what you are looking for.  If there are other appliances repair services  you can check out www.stpaulappliancerepairservices.com